Greek cities

Together towards a circular sharing city!

Are you living or working in a Greek city and are you active with sharing or sustainability? Are you aware of local organisations that are active in the sharing and/or circular economy? If so, we need you!

We need you because we are working on something special. Across Europe, citizens like you are growing a new economy and a more sustainable and social living environment. De sharing economy connects people directly with one another allowing them to share, borrow, swap, produce or rent all kinds of goods and services. Think of the many energy and food cooperatives. The circular economy enables new business models in which one organisation’s or citizen’s waste is a resource to somebody else. Rokani and Cyclefi, both working on the recycling and reusing of goods are good examples. If you combine the sharing and the circular economy, unique opportunities for our cities, society, businesses and the environment emerge.

Greece works together with cities from Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Greece and the Netherlands, in order to utilise the opportunities of a circular sharing economy. The goal of this project is to enable the citizens, entrepreneurs and local governments of these cities to learn from each others experiences, and to explore how European and local governments can best enable the local circular sharing economy. Are you playing an active role in the local sharing and/or circular economy, and do you want to increase the impact of your organisation by sharing knowledge and experiences with fellow citizens inside and outside Greece? If so, register now!

Specifically important for Greece: reducing poverty and stimulating employment

Every participating city is exploring their local circular sharing economy in general but also focuses on a specific local challenge or opportunity. For Greek cities, battling poverty and stimulating employment is essential when growing the local sharing and circular economy. So if your organisation contributes to accomplishing this. Register!

Why participate?

By participating in this project:

  • you are enabled to learn from (similar) initiatives and organisations from Maribor and other European cities;

  • you are helping organisations and projects from near and far;

  • you are in direct contact with policy makers;

  • you enforce the positive impact you are working on!

What we will do with your contribution

We will do our best to make your experiences and ideas as well as the experiences and ideas from several European cities available in a way that is practically useful for you, the people and organisations in your city, and local and European governmental institutions. Your contribution remains anonymous unless you give us permission to reveal your personal information. By learning from one another we prevent having to reinvent the wheel all the time and enable the neighbourhoods in Greece and in cities across Europe to grasp the opportunities of the circular sharing economy quicker.

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